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A Gourmet Liver Flush*

Done First Thing in the morning

The following Purifying Diet should be taken as long as there is constipation, high blood pressure, arthritis, rheumatism, pain, swelling, congestion, toxicity, and overweight.

3-4 Ts. (organic) cold pressed virgin olive oil
1 Lemon
2 med oranges
One clove bud garlic

Squeeze the lemons and the oranges and crush the garlic. Pulse in a blender to liquify. This will help in oxidizing the tissues. Drink in the morning for an early breakfast cleansing, then if you must eat, have a greens smoothy drink later*; waiting approximately 2 hours after.

DO NOT drink any milk, tea or coffee. It is very important to flush out the liver, the kidneys and the intestinal tract - to restore their natural function. Your entire well-being of your body depends on following this regime.

Follow immediately with 1-2 cups of hot tea made with:

Licorice Root, Himalayan Mountain Violet, Anise or Fennel, Peppermint, and Fenugreek to which should be added at the time of serving: fresh lemon juice, fresh ginger juice to suit the taste, and honey if desired; but sugar should never be used.
Several glassfuls of this may be taken in the morning between meals, or any other time - day or night, as desired.
If constipated, use more licorice root and fresh garlic. In diarrhea, use no licorice, ginger or liver-flush, but substitute cinnamon bark in the tea

The Liver Flush which should be done for 10-14 days in a row.

**GREEN SMOOTHY  - 2 hours after breakfast: 8 ounces of fresh vegetable juice made from green cabbage, carrots, lettuce and other edible greens that are available, along with 1 or 2 ounces of red beet juice. To this may also be added the juice of radish, onion or turnips to suit the taste. Also, ginger juice, fresh lemon and honey may be added, if desired, to suit the taste. Two or three cloves of garlic may also be chewed and swallowed with this drink.

* You should first consult your health care practitioner before starting this, or any, diet.  This is not appropriate if you are pregnant, nursing or taking medications.