Nancy J Walton RMT CRRP|Law Of Attraction Coach♥Energy Therapist - Reiki ♥ Reflexology|Essential Oils ♥ Kripalu Polarity Therapy

Holistic Model of Growth & Change

- Negative / + Positive

Behavior & Physical

Poor Job / Good Job
Ineffective Relationship / Effective relationship
Procrastination / High Participation
Illness / Good health
Minimal sensory & body awareness / Experiences embodiment

Stagnated-congested, weak energy / Free - unobstructed, open, flowing, strong energy

Judgements / Self accepting
Limiting Beliefs & Attitudes / Open to new possibilities
Negative self-talk, self-sabatage / Positive self-talk, recognizes and diffuses unproductive behavior
Confused focus, unclear image & goals / Constructive use of imagination, clear goals achieving outcome
Guilt, shame, hurt / Joy, emotional freedom
Depression & Anger / Health & Wellbeing
Grief, sadness, anxiety / Excitement, joy, lloks forward with anticipation
Inhibition / Sponteneous, Responsive
Living in the past or future / Living in present time

Transformational Processes

Integrating exercise

Front door personality we project/Back door shadow side

Relax/Center yourself – breath
See a house-walk around
Go back to the front
Address beliefs, drives, parent values, attitudes/feelings

Now, go around back-is the shadow dark? angry?
Observe appearance: Doing, wearing, values, fundamental beliefs 
Ask yourself - How is it expressed in my life
What is disowned – related to parent values
Core of sub-personality
Positive Quality
Beam of light/energy
My own attitudes toward values and what I believe in- integrating it into my life
Bring them both inside the house
Facilitate dialogue
“witness” what ‘is’
see the belief about the ‘other’
how would you feel if the shadow part is acknowledged & integrated
see th positive contribution to the 'whole
see yourself functioning as a 'team' – a healthier aspect of 'self' is the results & reward!

New Level of Functioning
Processing for Humanity

Identify a pattern you are ready to transform
find it in your body/experience it
notice: heavy, shape, color, texture, motion (even tension is a form of expressing)
exaggerate it to express what the energy is doing
What is the pattern attempting to do for you?
Notice what emotions are associated with it &the belief system is behind it
See the illusion it is based on
See how the pattern developed in your life & served you originally
Notice how it functions today & what the results are
Contintue to watch the pattern & what the insights are that come to you
Experience this watching from the heart center
Breath with your heart center
Convert it into joy & love
Watch the energy tranform - see what new perspective comes from this place
Watch from about 8" from your head (the Higher Self) - see what else you can learn about it

Take a few minutes to learn & feel - to register the parts impacted in the experience - 'digest'.

This is a SHIFT to a higher functioning; meeting your needs in a higher, more evolved way - there is body/mind integrations and you now operate and function from a 'new place'.

Your Nurturing Adult

Knows he/she is unique - you do not need to prove it
Allow your uniqueness to shine through!

Knows that the 'self' is important ~ as is everyone

Willing to love, to commit & to care

Willing to listen to find the 'spirit' of the point ~ sees similarites, finds 'Common Ground'

Honors emotions & feelings 
 ~ not taking on anothers unhealthy emotional manipulations or dumping

Blends Humor with responsibility


Encouranges freedom

Generates healthy internal rules of self behavior ~ modify them when needed

Knows the Universe of consciousness ~ which is equal

Loves with responsibility ~ willing to accept impact

Allows equality and accepts it

Willing to explore the depths of love & loving

Sees in 'full color' not just black or white