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 "Nancy Walton has 'hands of fire'. The healing energy just pours out of her hands. - Nancy gave me an amazing (insight) of the (original cause) of the stuck energy in my rotator cuff/ shoulder. After 6 months of Physical therapy, I felt better in (just) 5 minutes (after Reiki) with Nancy! - and she remembers to remind you after the sessions what you need to do to heal!  
~ Rabbi Rayzel Raphael| Elkins Estates | Inner Spring Fling & Three Sisters Weekend. 

Receiving Polarity, Reflexology or any Energy bodywork 

The practitioner places their hands over the body along specific energy paths - these methods are designed to help illness and relieve pain; stop the onset of symptoms as soon as they begin, stimulate immune function, relieve headaches, release stress and improve memory.

~ Healing occurs through Discovery, Dialogue & Energy bodywork~

Current life situations - issues as well as talents - are guided, encouraged to come to the surface, and at the right time gently brought to the conscious level into the light of realization, releasing the darkness of the past, guiding you to redirect your self-defeating thoughts so you can begin to integrate new patterns, creating powerful change that begins to transform you, dissolving and diffusing charged emotion of remaining feelings related to what has kept you stuck, to begin infusing your body with positive thoughts, creating a space for self-compassion that uplifts you, allowing you access your feelings to get in touch with your spiritual essence - a result that opens you up to more creativity, deeper satisfaction, which is vital to experiencing a sense of more joy, fulfillment and inner peace to your daily life.

POLARITY THERAPY In Polarity Therapy, the therapist brings balance to the client’s energy field and structural body by using hands on techniques. The client responds not only to touch, but also the practitioner by creating an environment of safety and recognition; the practitioner supports the client's self-healing process. The client remains fully clothed while the Polarity Therapist uses his or her hands to make point-to-point contact, focusing on connecting with specific energetic pathways so that the currents will flow using conscious touch to facilitate movement involving gentle rocking using both light and deep accupoint contact.
 Polarity Therapy is a cohesive health system involving energy bodywork, that includes eating the right foods, exercise (yoga) and self-awareness. It assists the Human Energy Field, patterns expressed in mental, emotional and physical.

 60 to 90 minutes $85


ReikiClients remained fully clothed and lay on a massage table. The Reiki Practitioners hands are gently placed in specific patterns with palms down that assist the energy flow to benefit the client. In working with a client head to toe, this warming energy flows though the clients body to help blockages that have been held in the body to slowly move to begin to dissolve; there is no pressure, massage or manipulation. Energy flows effortlessly and automatically, leaving the client feeling nurtured, balanced and relaxed. It is common for pain to lessen, even dissipate. This particular natural method works well and easily for those with injuries or those who have ailing relatives or close friends who are ill, and can be easily incorporated into all health care professions - massage & physical therapists, chiropractors & physicians.
This unique process allows you to gently overcome your addictions, cravings, childhood traumas, and helps you to build loving relationships while assisting with clearing away negative beliefs and decreasing the charge of residual emotional debris.

Since 1988,  I've worked with Reiki successfully to get to the core issue(s) and brings   it up into the light for healing; Reiki gets to the heart of the matter.  Stuck energetic imprints find their way into the body~mind and unless fully expressed and released in the moment of the experience, instead can lodge into the areas of the body that hold onto the memory~trauma.

1 hour  $65


Reflexology Reflexology is a non-invasive, integrative therapy of zones and reflex areas in the feet, hands and ears which correspond to all body systems. Reflexology restores the flow of energy throughout the entire body. Based on acupuncture, this meridian system runs throughout the body.
By applying specific pressure to these distinct points using thumb, finger and hand pressure can help the entire body come back into homeostasis; stimulating circulation to revitalize and harmonize the functions of the body to effect a physiological change- activating the lymphatic system assisting in elimination of toxins trapped in the body.

30 minutes to 1 hour | $45~$65
 Essential Oils...$10


Craniosacral - The therapist lightly palpates the patient's body, and focuses intently on the communicated movements. A practitioner's feeling of being in tune with a patient is described as entrainment. Patients.Patients often report feelings of deep relaxation during and after the treatment session, and may feel light-headed. This is popularly associated[by whom?] with increases in endorphin's.  Practitioners of craniosacral therapy assert that there are small, rhythmic motions of the cranial bones attributed to cerebrospinal fluid pressure or arterial pressure. The premise of CST is that palpation of the cranium can be used to detect this rhythmic movement of the cranial bones and selective pressures may be used to manipulate the cranial bones to achieve a therapeutic result. However, the degree of mobility and compliance of the cranial bones is considered controversial and is a critically important concept in craniosacral therapy.

1/2 hour to 45 minutes | $60

Sound Therapy|Brain Entrainment

music is the way to the soul
How does the relationship between music and emotion work?  This a particularly hot topic dear to the contemporary research fields of auditory neuroscience and the psychology of music, wherein researchers study things like how the brain turns a sequence of sound stimuli into musical qualia, the sensitivity of the ‘perfect pitch.’

The right sound unblocks or redirects energy in the body, similar to the claims of acupuncture. Sound works in harmony with humans’ own vibrational frequencies, and that it rearranges the ions on cell membranes and creates a sense of calm and raises your personal frequency, affecting the chakras.

30 minutes|$50

Shiatsu ~ Facial Acupressure 
Face acupressure  Bob Dylan  Shamanic  hands of fire  Reiki Video  Writer  New York  WDVR  Nancy J Walton RMT CRP | Law of Attraction Coach ♥Wellness CoachGLOWING SKIN   
Shiatsu may be one of the simplest natural treatments for healthy skin. pressure points of the face. The tsubos on the face are easy to find - the health and beauty includes some points that aren't found on the face - Pressing on the edges of the cheek can help eliminate bags under the eyes and relax and illuminate tired faces.
Benefits of Shiatsu (acupressure) of scalp, shoulder, and neck massage  -
Migraines are sometimes caused by a decrease in serotonin levels; acupressure may be able to increase serotonin levels and relieve pain. Headaches, on the other hand, may be caused by muscle tension, which a scalp massage can also alleviate [sources: Mayo Clinic].
If you sit at a desk all day, you're probably familiar with a feeling of stiffness in your neck. It can even happen when you're watching a long movie in a theater or if you sleep in an awkward position.   (Given to yoga students at Bode Body Works after Yoga class)

If you cannot keep your appointment due to conflict in schedule, a 24 hour notice is required. Last minute/same day cancellations or no show there is a $50 charge implemented.

If you arrive late, I cannot adjust the time or extend your session, as there are other clients scheduled and their appointments must be honored and maintained on time.

If you have a cold or  are sick in any way, please reschedule.

Upon arrival please take off your shoes to keep the space clean, thank you.
 30 minutes to 45 minutes | $30~ $45

Bob Dylan  Shamanic  hands of fire  Reiki Video  Writer  New York  WDVR  Nancy J Walton RMT CRP | Law of Attraction Coach ♥Wellness Coach

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StressLess  Bob Dylan  Shamanic  hands of fire  Reiki Video  Writer  New York  WDVR  Nancy J Walton RMT CRP | Law of Attraction Coach ♥Wellness Coach
Life presents us with many challenges; physical, mental & emotional. Sometimes these moments can become overwhelming.  How we learn to deal with them can create breakthroughs of empowerment, rather than heavy emotional slow-downs, and quicker recovery time from events that have an impact.
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StressLess MANAGEMENT™ . Polarity Therapy is very effective in building inner resources to manage daily stress. As you begin to sense the  inner changes of what the body does when undergoing stress you will be able to self-regulate your tension and stress which will give you more ability to relax and focus, and be less affected by external triggers. Polarity Therapy emphasizes personal responsibility. Practitioners support clients in taking charge of their lives and finding their own solutions. 

Meditation is another way that can ease the built-up pressure surrounding your given situation. Through breath, visualization and cognitive applications, you can ground yourself into present existence and facilitate better concentration through these life situations, applying these techniques while going through those moments in your life that present challenge.
Emotional Reprogramming
  • 'One Brain' Exercises 
  • Relaxation
  • Breathing
  • Reframing Your Thoughts
  • Visualization Techniques

    Presented at Holistic Fairs throughout Bucks County ~ Perfect for Corporations or small businesses who need to keep stress to a minimum when working in an office setting. Great for MOMMIES group who are looking to de-stress or other groups who are looking to keep their business in peak mental, emotional and physical health.

    Sessions are 1 hour | $120

     1 FREE CONSULTATION - 15 minutes 

    REFLEXOLOGY or Shiatsu - either 30 or 60 minutes

    POLARITY  THERAPY  or Yoga - 60 Minutes

    CRANIOSACRAL - 30 minutes

    LIFE COACHING or StressLess™  Mangement  - 60 Minutes
    (book with Paypal  - payment to

    SOUND THERAPY - 30 Minutes

    COLOR THERAPY - 30 Minutes

    Choose your Healing session Coaching or Resume Service

    Choose your Healing session Coaching or Resume Service