Nancy J Walton RMT CRRP|Law Of Attraction Coach♥Energy Therapist - Reiki ♥ Reflexology|Essential Oils ♥ Kripalu Polarity Therapy

    Your Spiritual Life Matters!

Spiritual LIfe
Are you searching for answers that you can't seem to find in attaining material objects or relationship pursuits? We often give little attention to our spiritual life until we have crisis. At that point we feel lost & seek comfort. Sometimes we try to find comfort outside ourselves. The one place to find it is within, yet we may not know how to find our way. Each one of us can find more satisfaction where we feel fulfilled & find that our lives are more satisfying incorporating a spiritual practice.

 Find where your Soul resides

♥ Breaking from the mainstream and finding your own way
♥ Open to the heart-centered day to day awareness
♥ Bring soul down into reality for goal setting
♥ Transfer Interference such as fear into action
♥ Leaving the past behind
♥ List the full support of the Universe & begin to cooperate
♥ Process a clear your issues of your landscape

Are you are looking to find Spiritual depth and connection in you life?  We can explore the many ways in which you can deepen your practice, or look at life from a more spiritual perspective.  I look at your life connecting your physical, emotional and spiritual life and towards finding the balance. This basic ‘approach’ is applied to both individual and couples - focused on finding happiness with yourself first, then partnering in love, learning & growing closer together. 

I've explored many different paths....Whether you are of Christian faith or Buddhist, Muslim or Hindu - whether you follow the Tao or the Torah, or prefer the teachings of ACIM, Buddhism, Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer or Deepak Chopra - 
The way home is L♥ve, the way home is Forgiveness, the way Home.... 
The core principles immerses a client deeper into him or herself  with awakening self-awareness of his/her impact on the environment, creating:
Bob Dylan  Shamanic  hands of fire  Reiki Video  Writer  New York  WDVR  Nancy J Walton RMT CRP | Law of Attraction Coach ♥Wellness Coach  
    ♥ presence - to be more in the moment - reaching inner peace
    ♥ awareness - develop awareness to be more in tune with self,        others
    ♥ alignment - creating a sense of 'coming home' to oneself
Bob Dylan  Shamanic  hands of fire  Reiki Video  Writer  New York  WDVR  Nancy J Walton RMT CRP | Law of Attraction Coach ♥Wellness Coach  
    ♥ wisdom - opening to deeper learning and reflection
    ♥ creation - 'making it real' - finding the balance
    ♥ taking all that you've uncovered and discovered, allowing
       sythesis; creating wholeness
    ♥ gain a deeper connection to self and Source

    ♥ to have more energy, strength & centeredness which in turn          gives more emotional satisfaction for sustaining a new focus


While most of us believe we are separate we are actually all connected to the Creator. How can we achieve peace between ourselves and others? We all have the Light within us and we all walk the same Earth. You and I can explore ways in which we can start to resolve the mind of separation and begin to allow more objectivity with less negativity by examining our thoughts to see how they block your desire for spiritual attainment.

Our bodies are a sacred Temple that houses this Spirit & Light which is our connection to this Source. While our bodies are just temporary vehicles, our Spirit is eternal. So while we are here on this Earth, let's begin to honor this gift of Life we've been given by being gentle with our thoughts; honoring our very being. 
As a certified Reiki Master Teacher, I will help you in the areas of Spiritual, Physical and emotional wellbeing.