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Our bodies are very intelligent and sensitive & lives out every emotional experience. When the body/mind is out of balance - where the moment is halted from being fully experienced, it cannot move through the feelings and lodges in the body - which can be reflected in the immune system where we become susceptible to illness.
As we think, so shall we become. As we have become, we need to stop and see how we have been thinking. By listening to what your body is trying to tell you, together  we can address the cause and then have a better understanding to begin to deal with the effects of the situation and have the tools to change the outcome.

 Eating complete foods removes unhealthy crave/binging habits and increases our well-being which is necessary for living a vibrant life. 
 I encourage you to think about your health and wellness as a complimentary system of bodywork, healthy foods and self-reflective dialogue to clear out negative old patterns to raise your awareness and bring increased  strength to your body ~ mind ~ heart ~spirit ~ connection.

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