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Law Of Attraction - 12 Weeks to Abundance

Online event through the Summer

You want to shift your energy and begin to receive.
 Starts this Friday 12 weeks ($10 per class) $120. 
Sign up below and make arrangements by calling 

You'll find that if you practice these principles you'll begin to shift your thoughts, your vibration into a very loving space that will alter your way of being which will then attract the abundance you want in your life. I'm inviting you to GROW beyond what you know or maybe this Course will reaffirm what you already knew...which will then attract the abundance you want in your life.
Each week is just $10 for the12 weeks - $120 in total, but you must add your name to my Facebook Page to confirm your attendance -
I will send each of you the outline for each week that includes a practical application towards a Spiritual practice.

Foot Reflexology for Couples

taught for the Bradley Method in Germantown, PA

Learn to communicate to your spouse through touch.
You and your mate can learn how to reach a deeper level of intimacy while working on each others feet during your trimesters.

You both will reduce stress and find what type of touch is is just right for your partner.

$40 per couple

Call ahead for directions and to reserve your place in this small intimate group for 5 couples. So don't wait, or it will be to late!

Bob Dylan  Shamanic  hands of fire  Reiki Video  Writer  New York  WDVR  Nancy J Walton RMT CRP | Law of Attraction Coach ♥Wellness Coach'Get in the Zone' with your partner. 
Experience closeness and intimacy while learning the points on the feet to enhance relaxation, sensitivity and touch while promoting communication. We’ll use aromatherapy oils to make your partner feel extra special. A foot rub will never be the same again! Afterwards enjoy downtown Doylestown and ts many unique shops and tasty little restaurants
Nancy Jean Walton is an Energy Therapist and has over 20+ years experience. She has taught Reflexology for Bucks County Community College Continuing Education & for The Bradley Method in Germantown, PA.
Her treatments over the years are long standing for Mary Bode|Bode Body Works at L'Avantage in New Hope PA . Nancy Jean Walton is trained in the Ingham Method certified by Skin Deep Unlimited in 1986.


Past Events

Bob Dylan  Shamanic  hands of fire  Reiki Video  Writer  New York  WDVR  Nancy J Walton RMT CRP | Law of Attraction Coach ♥Wellness Coach
Holistic Singles
Would you like to meet other singles who are dedicated
 to living a holistic lifestyle?  Get together with other optimistic singles
for a fun social event for building friendships & starting new relationships.
  This is a non-smoking environment.  If this interests you,  call me

First Fridays
HS  Bob Dylan  Shamanic  hands of fire  Reiki Video  Writer  New York  WDVR  Nancy J Walton RMT CRP | Law of Attraction Coach ♥Wellness Coach
 If you wish to become a HS member,  membership is only $25 per person,  there will also be from time to time to cover expenses and future minimal investments towards  group outings such as dancing, karaoke, comedy clubs, hiking, day trips, movies, dinner and conversation, new member meet n greet's,  skating, bowling, sporting events and  much, much more! (Your input is welcomed!).   If you want to be matched up with others, fill out our HS questionnaire for compatible partner connections for an investment of $50 which includes an astrological natal chart and interpretation.

Declaration of Intent
Holistic Singles has been created to better serve the global community for others of a similar lifestyle. This is a dedicated group towards eating healthy and creating an environment of holistic living, we are an open minded group encompassing many multi-faceted individuals who have been on this path for a long time, and are accepting of those who are just starting out on their adventure. We will not exclude those who still use Allopathic medicine or those who still eat meat, but hope that with joining, that your commitment for a healthy & well balanced lifestyle will reflect also in your daily life and personal choices towards this goal.

HS meets every 1st Friday of the month - a group gathering to focus our lives towards empowering, nurturing & is growing in our approaches towards building an environment for positive change & peace in the world.
Because of that commitment
, HS will be offering Classes, Workshops & Holistic Consultations at different times throughout the year and for a minimum investment to HS services, the singles data base will encompass both men & women and be confidential about the individual you are interested in by only offering general information about the person you are attracted to (no phone numbers or addresses will be given out unless otherwise expressed by one's individuals choice). Expect a phone call by HS to inform you of someone who is interested in you (or email) then you will receive a call of a potential partner of a similar background or interest for you to pursue if you place a request. HS is also currently attempting to offer vacations once or twice a year, once there are enough of us in a group to be able to get group discounts.

We at Holistic Singles would like to keep our group intact from drama - so please refrain from talking about your negative experiences of dating or about your ex-husband or ex-partner as we want to build on positive experiences at HS - stay present, focused  and enjoy your evening event.  If there arises an uncomfortable situations or should a member become difficult, HS will ask that individual to stop and give a chance to hear his or her side of the story. If the difficulty is not resolved or haulted, HS will ask that person to leave Holistic Singles for the soul purpose of focusing on his or her own personal inner work. Specifically, no stalking, harassing, unwanted pursuing of any kind. No offensive language or aggressive, dominating behavior or invasive boundaryless actions will be allowed. This is intended to offer a safe and nurturing environment to assist in building a better tomorrow by keeping Holistic Singles a relaxing and loving environment for all of us to enjoy.

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 * Home visits - if you are inbound, injured or without transportation, or you just don't have time in your day to travel, arrange-ments can be made with enough advance notice.
By Appointment only      
(I will work with those struggling financially, unemployed, etc. with a sliding scale fee).  To schedule an appointment call me -267-221-7160* Consultations are Free.

If your busy lifestyle & concerns won't allow for travel, we can arrange a *Phone Coaching session which can be more cost effective. I offer comparible, reasonable rates.

You can schedule your Life Coaching sessions in a more convenient & affordable way with PayPal. We'll begin once the appointment is established.
959  Bob Dylan  Shamanic  hands of fire  Reiki Video  Writer  New York  WDVR  Nancy J Walton RMT CRP | Law of Attraction Coach ♥Wellness CoachPlease use PayPal when making your appointment using my email address. You can write to me her or call 267-221-7160. 24 hours notice is necessary to schedule an appointment.
If you cannot keep your appointment due to conflict in schedule - a 24 hour notice is required. Last minute/same day cancellations - there is a $50 cancellation fee implemented, so please use paypal to  to hold your appointment with a commitment of $50 and pay the rest   THE DAY OF YOUR APPOINTMENT OR pay it all at once 'Add to Cart'