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Manifesting with LOA
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Manifesting with LOA

 I was truly in love with David and I knew he liked Sade and Bob Dylan.  So I prayed to God and the Angels that if there was a way to have it happen for me to meet either one and for them to dedicate a song that would prove the integrity of my love.
It wasn't too long before it happened.  I was in New York in the Fall of 2003 around Spring Street in SoHo and on the opposite side of the street, there he was,
Bob Dylan.  I recognized him immediately and started to cross the street and stated that I wasn't a crazed fan I just wanted to talk to him.

Women Just Be You

Women are taught at a very early age that they are in the way, that they should not take up space, that the are not to voice their true feelings or they are to just fade into the background and let others shine....give to others before giving to self.

What I have told women over the years is this, you do not have to apologize when you stand in the grocery store deciding to buy something and someone else comes by and you apologize for 'being in their way'.  Actually they are walking into your way and they are the ones to apologize.

Featured Relationship Columnist - "It's All About The Yin and Yang' articles in


We have been on a search for closeness with each other and a connectedness to something greater than ourselves for Eons. The media has focused on youth and sex and we are seduced into thinking that more is better, and so we keep searching for that grand experience that will catapult us into the Heavens. We have wanted to find the Cosmic expansiveness and leave our bodies behind, so we have embarked on the physical exploration of sex as a way to find that.

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