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Women Just Be You

Women are taught at a very early age that they are in the way, that they should not take up space, that the are not to voice their true feelings or they are to just fade into the background and let others shine....give to others before giving to self.

What I have told women over the years is this, you do not have to apologize when you stand in the grocery store deciding to buy something and someone else comes by and you apologize for 'being in their way'.  Actually they are walking into your way and they are the ones to apologize.
Or you are in a clothing store and you're deciding in the aisle, looking at the blouse, pants or whatever, and someone wants to get by, DON'T apologize and move.  You are allowed to be there.

I just had an experience the other day in the library where I was deciding what DVD to take home and watch, and this guy says excuse me.  I thought he just wanted to get by me so I paid him no mind.  He stands to my right where the end of the aisle was and starts to harass me about not moving for HIM.  I informed him I have every right to stand here and look for a movie and I'm not going to move.
He started to hurl insults at me because I didn't get out of the way for him.

You are a whole human being and you have just as much right to exist in the space that you are standing in and have every right to be here or there where ever you are.  you are an equal to all others in this world so stop apologizing for being.