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Nancy Jean Walton, RMT, is a Certified Energy Therapist (Bioenergy Healing certified~Bucks County Community College), Wind Water Feng Shui Consultant and Law of Attraction Coach Global Sciences Foundation (Joe Vitale of 'The Secret') & Writer

I have always been connected to nature, whether it was climbing trees in my childhood, or sitting by a stream, or walking in the woods then and now, my need to be outdoors is connected to my Cherokee ancestry.... andaware of being intuitive (to read more of my journey, click on the link) at the tender age of 5, these two vibrant forces guided me towards a holistic lifestyle of alternative healing.


I had a very caring family doctor, Dr. Bermeister. in Plumsteadville, PA. He was a wise man I looked up to and one day he told me to stop holding things in and express my feelings, as he diagnosed me with a 'pre-ulcer'. He later sent my mother a pen in the mail. On it had the Serenity Prayer, so I learned early how to let things go which kept me centered and express myself.

'At 16 I began watching Lilias on Channel 12 I knew internally that this was the way for me. My father was a very smart man; he was intelligent, esoteric and self taught from an 8th grade education. He introduced to me the works of Edgar Cayce, Pyramids and their unique energies, and he was instrumental in directing me towards Reflexology.

At 19 I had this innate awareness to deprogram myself from my family and their negative belief sytem and would go to work every morning and began the process of letting them go as I travelled on the train into the city.

Nancy's Continuing Education is in Polarity & Holding Space Method, with instructor Gary B. Strauss, MS RPP (CEU's) from New York Open Center - Energetic movement - a yielding, receptive capacity that is the Feminine principle, balancing and harmonizing with the Masculine which can facilitate movement at a deep level, reaching emotional pockets and her supplemental education in CEU's are also in in Coaching - Igniting Transformation through Coaching Richard Michaels @ NYOC Core Principles, The Coaches Palette, Reflective Listening, Identifying Feelings, GROW Model-Goal Reality Options Will and The Detour Method: Emotional Regression John Lee Growing Yourself Back Up| NYOC.

In addition, she's taken workshops in herbal studies at the New York Open Center (now online)-

Letha Hadady, D. Ac. Author of Asian Health Secrets - Chinese Herbs - A walk in Chinatown - Chinese herbs

Dr. Michael Tierra -Western Herbs

Scott Gerson, M.D. Ph.D. (Ayu), M.Phil. (Ayu) - Ayurveda.

Nancy has taught Foot Reflexology for Bucks County Community College Continuing Education as well as donated her Reflexology & Reiki to Buckingham Friends Peace Fair, and Reiki for JCC Spa Day for Women with Cancer (NY) hosted by Pamela Miles, RMT.

Nancy Walton has taught Yoga for Newtown's Center Club as well as for Alan Cohen (with Charley Thweatt) at the 'Weekend of Pure Love' Pathworks in New York, as a staff member under the retreat name of BHAKTI.

As part of her practice, Nancy has given lectures and talks at - Libertae Halfway House, Bensalem, PA Residential Treatment Program for women in Recovery, The Pennsylvania Convention Center| International Woman's Show| 1994 'Stress Break' - incorporating meditation with guided imagery through visualization and breathwork,

The Holy Redeemer Health Care System Counseling Center| Hunting Valley - 'Intuition", and gave a guided meditation and talk at Highpoint Athletic Club in Chalfont,PA..  

To her credit she's been a Guest Speaker on the Belle Salsbury radio show - and on WDVR FM Susan Lembo's radio show - discussing the methods and applications of energetic principles in holistic healing.

She's been a writer for Bellesprit Magazine -"It's all about the Yin & Yang" a relationship column, and for Parle' Magazine at newsstands in NY as well as published on the internet - Her relationship advice can also be heard on Blog Talk Radio - Earth Angels Radio with Carol Guy & Diane Buchberger: 'Something for men', 'Survival kit for understanding the male brain' & 'Tasteful beauties, women over 40'.  

For more of Nancy's experience click on the link. Please continue reading below as well.

Seeing energy (like those who are advanced in Martial arts) is something I have been able to do for some time.

Over the years, I've needed to push through the veil and see the underlying "mask" - the hidden self - (we put our energy out of our being to project into the world - true self/false self). This ability allows me to reach the deeper issues surrounding ones "unwelllness". 

I can see the body as though I'm looking at waves of energy, (clusters of molecules - some scattered, some dense) looking at the many layers and levels.

Allowing a pattern that has been locked up and locked into your body, engaging self-actualization, I attempt to find the key that will open that door that will assist you on your way to your health and healing journey - gaining insight to the emotional/mental or spiritual imbalance, bringing wisdom.

Sometimes there is an unusual occurrence - that with uncovering the truth of the symptomatic illness, some clients are resistant to immediately change. (because it can be too overwhelming). When people are not ready to heal or cannot or will not heal resulting from a psychological/emotional block, (going outside the box-their comfort zone - much like pushing through & changing old negative patterns) they are left with the same symptoms they came in with. In such cases, smaller steps are required, and what is needed is addressing the physical body with assistance by way of herbs and other avenues of healing with holistic alternatives, which I offer and will address these methods with you.

My Destiny

 I married in 1977, and when I became pregnant with my first child, I broke out in hives and had morning sickness that would not let up. I was drawn to herbal remedies to help me go through a difficult 1st tri-mester - with morning sickness, migraines, and welts from cat litter. Chamomile tea was my go to as well as other herbs recommended for pregnancy by Sue Weed.

I had also wanted to find a midwife but there were non listed nor anyone nearby that knew of one to have a home birth. It wasn't to be - I gave birth instead at a hospital.

(Cold room, shaved and given Pitocin to speed up the contractions then Demerol which slowed them down, This is not the experience I wanted to have).

After a few years of being a mom, I was watching Resurrection starring Ellen Burstyn. This was the first Reiki movie out in the 1980's. I was drawn to it like a magnet. I started looking for a person, a school, and found Inner Life Bookstore in Levittown where I was introduced to Shiatsu., and taught to open up to developing more of my Intuition by Asia (Adele Shaffer). The store then moved to the I-95 Marketplace/Langhorne location where I worked recommending books and healing stones.

I realized, however, Reiki would have to wait. I was hungry for more and kept searching for healing alternatives and found Polarity Therapy from Rhianna Pearl. (Pearl Polarity Center).

While I was still married I started buying unusual food from our local health food store and started storing it in the pantry. I was curious and trusted that I would find out how to cook them.

My husband asked me what I was going to do with that food. I told him not to worry, I'd find out. As it happened (synchronicity) I saw an ad for a Secretary at the Macrobiotic Center of Bucks County | International School of Shiatsu. I went for the interview and was hired. And that is how I became a vegetarian and learned how to cook the food in the pantry which was the very food used in Macrobiotics.

With my second pregnancy I had already started eating the Macrobiotic way and using my previous knowledge of herbs to help with a natural home birth.

With my background in Yoga I have had the unique privilege to have taught at -

Moon Haven Studio Ringhold, GA

 Center Club Newtown, PA ,

Body Tech Fitness| Lambertville, NJ

Pennsbury Racquet Club Morrisville PA

Crossroads Expo East Greenville Pa Holistic Fair

'Weekend of Pure Love' Retreat - Alan Cohen & Charley Thweatt - as Staff 'Bhakti' Pathwork, Phoenicia, NY

"The Pathwork," at the Center for the Living Force is in Phoenicia, NY, located in the Catskill mountains - a retreat in which residents do private spiritual practice of meditation and self-purification work through personal process.

by appointment only

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