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 La Casa Day Spa's new website is

Live with Belle Salisbury, at HeyZ Radio Network podcast 

It takes a little patience for the audio to upload - when the play strip of Quicktime player cones onscreen, go about 1" in - to starts the actual interview

I wrote a relationship column for Bellesprit and have written previously for Parlé Magazine in NY. You can find my advice @ - parlé with us/relationships and at 

Earth Angels Radio

Nancy has been on Carol Guy & my (blog talk) radio show . Ladies she can help you understand your man, and how to communicate with him ~Diane Buchberger, Canadian artist, Teacher, Writer

I've been interviewed on *WDVR FM|Guest Speaker -'Holistic Health' by Susan Lembo which has been archived & unable to be accessed to play here.

♥ A Collaborative Community Effort ♥

My voice "Reiki is so simple just about anyone can do it" is in the intro & my hands are @ 1:23 in the upper right and elsewhere in this video - also my contribution of 'Reiki is like Martial Arts' is depicted in the visual presentation portion of this video

(You can see me in parts of the video but not my whole face)


Discover the benefits of natural healing technique from Japan. Learn how it can help you relax and be peaceful. Produced by Djuna Wojton. Music by Charles Townsend.

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