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The love you are giving is healing the planet earth and all the golden beings who share life with it. 

" ~Alan H. Cohen author, personal growth coach

'The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore'

'The Healing of the Planet Earth'

from the 'Weekend of Pure Love'

"Thank you for the blessing you truly are! As your light deepens into greater awareness, You then spread that light into spaces that are asking for your blessing. You create a space of harmony & peace about you!"

~ Joan Weiss "Your 'Guardian Angel 'Weekend of Pure Love'

"Nancy Walton gave me a healing at a lecture I was attending in (the) Fall (of 2009) I was in a lot of pain, Nancy picked it up immediately and asked me if I would like some healing. Her ability as a healing instrument is outstanding. Nancy is an intuitive healer as well, she knew where the problem was the minute she touched me. I could sit very comfortable there after thanks to the healing I received....I have been ordained for the last 30 years, one of the founders of Metaphysical Universal Ministries, & director of the MUM Expos for the last 18 years. I hope this gives me the qualifications to recognize a sincere healer when I see one.."


~Rev. Isabelle L. Moll-Director of MUM Expo Allentown

"I've had sciatica for the last 8 months which persistently resisted many other types of treatment. After 3 treatments with Nancy, my pain level has been significantly reduced and my Chiropractor was amazed that my spinal alignment changed so much more quickly than expected. It's given me hope of a full recovery. I will continue to get treatments from Nancy and highly recommend her work. Nancy's sessions are intuitive, effective and come from the heart."

~Judy S., Doylestown Therapist Kripalu Polarity Therapy Client 

"Nancy Walton has 'hands of fire'. The healing energy just pours out of her hands. Nancy gave me an amazing (insight) of the (original cause) of the stuck energy in my rotator cuff/ shoulder. After six months of Physical therapy, I felt better in (just) five minutes (after Reiki) with Nancy!"

~Rabbi Rayzel Raphael|Elkins Estates Inner Spring Fling & Three Sisters Weekend

"Dear Nancy,I want to thank you for the Polarity session on Saturday. .. The effects of the session and your healing presence were quite remarkable- both during and after the session. I can certainly recommend your practice to anyone who is interested in experiencing the process of Energy Bodywork, Thanks again."

~Bert Rinkel Acupuncturist New Hope, PA​ 

"Everyone ~ Nancy is a gem and a goddess leader with deep shamanic works up her alley, ~ she is quite the Fricka divine feminine energy leading many through the gateways of fire to embrace each one's full divine essence!"

Nancy generously graced our ongoing Global abundance Healing Event today and its been one of those most remarkable special gifts that all joined have been very very grateful for ~ its been a very powerful group opening and awakening one, that each one in the joined intention felt and clearly received~ wow~ such gifted clearance~ ever gratitude ~*~*~*~

~Aishwarya (LunaLuv) Lakshmi Dg internationally authorized life passion coach & registered Angel Therapy Practitioner

Dear friends, I would like to acknowledge Nancy as one of the most powerful intuitives of our times as I personally had the honour to have her insights done for me. Her gentleness makes one comfortable and she goes out of the way to help.

God bless you Nancy.... Am glad that I met you.Thank you and regards ♥

~ private client

"Nancy is like a friend, only with more knowledge and intuition...she's been a good interim until I find a Therapist. She's help me trust myself more"

~ Marie N. Mail Sorter.

Thank you Nancy - your intuitive gifts (of insight) are beyond description. The connection with you today was such a break-through for me,... the one thing that has been blocking my growth was unearthed like a hiding gem. I am ever so greatful for your willingness to share your gifts with the world ♥ Again Thank you, Thank You, Thank you .... Blessings my dear sweet sister

~ private client 

 "I don't know what it is about Nancy; but she has an incredible gift for reading energy and connecting.... to disclose revealing, pertinent information to her clients. I have only been in her presence 2 times and she has done this for me on both occasions! Nancy has a way of appearing in my life to deliver ....... important messages to me! On both occasions I took Nancy's message, enhanced by her interpretations and insight, made my own connections and was able to understand exactly what the universe was trying to tell me. THANK YOU NANCY! YOU ARE A SOURCE OF COMFORT AND VALIDATION OF MY OWN INTUITION!" 

"Nancy is a Highly Intuitive Life Coach, Relationship Coach and Healer who has helped many people. Nancy specializes in helping you cope with Life's Transitional change. Nancy has been on Carol Guy & my(blog talk) radio show (Earth Angels Radio) a few times & is very knowledgeable on the male psyche'.

~Diane Buchberger,Teacher, artist, writer & Light Worker also Host of Earth Angels Radio . 2010/09/15/something-for-men-with-carol-guy-and-diane-buchber

"On several occasions Nancy Jean has shown up in my life and been able to express guidance to me which was key to that moment in time. On one occasion at an expo she stopped by my booth to say 'Hi' and then started giving me messages that even surprised her...and they were on target. After that we'd run into each other on and off at Circle of Miracles in New Britain and she'd have sage advice on how to handle some situations that were relevant. but one Sunday she trusted me enough to use her intimate relationship with the Elements in front of me. That was really cool to see. When the wind kept blowing out the matches I was trying to light to burn 'intention papers' filling the inside of a clay pot, Nancy was watching me and decided to help. She talked to the wind and asked it to hold back (she held her hands up to the air in a hold back motion) and then she suddenly made the fire ignite and burn. "

We really enjoyed your Yoga...When are you going to come back again.....maybe you can teach another class!"

~ International School of Shiatsu yoga students

I was at a low point in my life, trying to educate myself at the library, reading self-help books, trying to climb out of my depression which was pretty severe. Nancy took the seat next to me. I didn't really have too many women friends at the time because, I admit, I stereo- typed them, but Nancy has an aura about her that I cannot explain & immediately we became friends. I have a thirst for knowledge.I feel God has sent her to us as a gift. I am blessed for having the chance to meet her and am very happy to consider her one of only two of the best friends I ever had!' 

~ Annette Carmen Rodriguez

"Nancy and her fiance, my brother, came to Italy to visit our family in Crotone. Now I am a musician & have to practice in my studio for my bands gigs. I mentioned my pain to Nancy and she asked if she could Reiki my wrist; I didn't know what it was but I agreed. I was amazed at the heat that was coming off her hands and onto me. She left later that day explaining that it might take a day or two to notice any change. I called our house in Crotone a few weeks later.I just had to tell my family and Nancy that I had been playing pain free and didn't need the wrist support - only wearing on occasion, following the advice of my doctor. Nancy has made a difference in all of our lives." 

~ Joe Ceglie musician

"Thank you so much! You've done me so much good; I appreciate it so.

~Diana, Sheet Music Transcriber, Princeton NJ

"Nancy intuitively 'saw' physical problems I had been having, recommended herbal support that helped, thank you Nancy!' ~ Hannalore Devlin, Jin Shin Do

"Nancy Jean Walton did some amazing healing and equally powerful guidance during the Spring: Inner Fling which was held at The Elkins Estate last weekend.(March 2010) Check out Nancy... if you have an interest in healing or you are seeking some guidance."

~ Amy Ragsdale | Amy Ragsdale Designs

".You are really good. That was a powerful session. I'll put your card up when I get home!"

~ visiting Findhorn resident, at The Life Center, Lambertville, NJ

"Wow,what a great experience! Nancy was connected even before I got to the office! She, within minutes had the issues pegged and was guided to share the messages of help and light.By the end of our session, I was feeling completely balanced. Nancy is the real deal, she walks in the light, a rare gift; we are blessed to have her 

~ Mary Ryan Massage Therapist, RMT

 I was 9 when I lived in the Philippines.... where in my country there were bombs going off in our village. One went off right next to our hut. I lost my hearing in my right ear and have not been able to hear from it for many years. With an exchange of Shiatsu she put her hands on my ears. Her hands got really hot and I heart a 'pop''. Within a few minutes I could hear in that ear.

~ Won P., Ohashi practitioner

"You really do have a healing foot that was hurting on the right side is all better. I hope to work with you gain - you've got wonderful magical talents".

~Donna Reflexoloy client 

 Three Sisters Weekend

"Nancy picked up on my healing abilities, my intentions, and my underlying worries....Within seconds, she saw my ancestors in the room. This got my attention!

Nancy revealed that my Grandmother told her that 'Cecelia' was in or about to come into my life. My response was, "Who?, I know no one by that name." She told me that my Grandmother was pushy in a loving sort of way. TRUE. She said Grandmom was pushing her out of the room so that I could provide my massage."

~Penny Morris, Somatic Therapist~Founder, Charters To Wellness

"Nancy Walton has "hands of fire". The healing energy just pours out of her hands as she "downloads" excellent guidance from the Guides of the Universe...."

~ Rabbi G. Rayzel Raphael

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