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"Nancy provided exceptional guidance to balance the flow of energy within my home during rebuild after the trauma of fire. She also gave me great insight into my family energetics of my family members so that we may optimize life-force and flow at home. We were especially impressed with how in-depth her explanations of concepts related to feng shui and the context behind her recommendations. I look forward to working with her on future projects".

~velocity star Victor of Yardley, Pa

All of life is energy and in the Chinese tradition of  Wind~Water,  working with Harmonizing Chi working with

 Nature and her Elements and 

Universal forces of Yin and Yang which are the 2 main principles of Feng Shui - It is also recognizing the directions of North, East, South and West when working with Feng Shui.

 This is the Ba Gua pictured below.  It is the basic map used in enhancing the areas of the home that help in harmony and flow.

It is helpful to understand your home and the entryway. You home also has energy as to the year it was constructed and the way in which it sits on the land according to the NSEW direction and the elements of mountain and river also what is known as the White Tiger and Green Dragon in the Landscape.

 It is also a good idea to know your birth energy element called Kua number and your animal birth year.

With your Kua number, you receive information on your lucky directions to face and the best locations for areas such as your front door and bedroom. Your Kua number offers you ways to enhance your Feng Shui.



Add all the digits of your birth year.

Example: 1979: 1 + 9 + 7 + 9 = 26

Keep reducing to a single digit:

2 + 6 = 8

Add 4 to your single-digit number

8 + 4 = 12

Reduce to a single-digit number, if required

1 + 2 = 3

3 is the personal Kua number for women born in 1979.

If you get 5, your personal Kua number is 8.



Add all the digits of your birth year.

Example: 1980: 1 + 9 + 8 + 0 = 18

Keep reducing to a single digit:

1 + 8 = 9

Subtract that number from 11

11 - 9 = 2

Reduce to a single-digit number, if required

2 is the personal Kua number for males born in 1980.



Feng Shui is a system based in numerology of your birth year and biological gender that is used in Feng Shui to determine your most favorable direction to maximize your success in relationships, front door and bedroom placement.

It’s also known as the Eight Mansions or Eight House front door and bedroom. It also offers insight into your energetic compatibility with other people.


Kua Numbers and Corresponding Bagua Areas


1: North

2: Southwest

3: East

4: Southeast

6: Northwest

7: West

8: Northeast

9: South


Each of the 8 directions, coincide with one of the 8 trigrams which represents specific aspects of life.

To make it simpler to follow, here is a run down of the 8 trigrams.

North for career and middle son (kan)

South for recognition and middle daughter (li)

East for health and eldest son (chen)

West for family and youngest daughter (tui)

Northeast for academics and youngest son (ken)

Northwest for mentors and patriarch (chien)

Southeast for wealth and eldest daughter (sun)

Southwest for relationships and matriarch (kun)

The 5 Elements are


Creativity and Insight


Growth, New Beginnings and Cooperation



High Energy & Vitality


Stability, Nourishment & Control


Cleverness, Calmness & Planning ability

The 5 Elements and Colors

Fire — passion - located south, and good to place in northeast, and southwest. Placing fire element colors such as red, orange, purple, pink, and strong yellow in designated directions can help to create a supporting energy for work and school.

Earth —  nourishment & protection - a symbol for your home. Place objects and colors of earth in the northeast and southwest with decorations like beige and light yellow to improve the stability of life.

Metal — clarity and preciseness - strongest in the west and northwest. Decorating your workplace with gray and white will help you have a sharper vision and keep you away from distractions.

Water — - freshness and abundance - located in the northeast.  Fountains and mirrors  and decorations in blue and black to achieve a refreshing energy of calm and ease.

Wood — - health and vitality - located in the east & southeast. Placing plants or decorations in brown and green can help foster growth..

Feng Shui Animals Symbols with Auspicious Meanings


Widely known as the symbol of long life and wisdom. Placing one in the health sector (East) to help encourage good health and protect against illness.


The Deer symbolizes longevity.  Place  it in the health (east) sector to encourage good health.


A sacred symbol in most Asian cultures. Positioning one or more elephants facing North aids in career advancement. If looking to attract new love, place it in the southwest.  Overall elephant brings good luck, fertility, longevity, wisdom, strength, success, and many more.


Brings fame, recognition and success in career and business. A good choice as a decoration for an office. 

Place it in the fame and recognition sector (South) or career sector (North) of your home or house. It is best to choose a galloping one, symbolizing striving for victory.


Used to representation of a blissful marriage. Place in the Southwest esp. the bedroom to enhance marriage and romance.


Monkey, a symbol of creativity and intelligence. It is often depicted riding the back of a horse or elephant  It symbolizes gaining promotion and fame, so it is good to be placed in the Career and Fame sector.


Helps for singles to welcome new love. If currently in a relationship, this can bring about the possibility of engagement and marriage.


The blue rhinoceros is widely used in Feng Shui  for protection to ward off robbery and accidents. It is often used to counter the flying star #7 – The Robbery star.


Is a popular cure to peck away backstabber(s) in your office. You can place it at home to counter against 3rd party interference in relationships & marriage.


Symbol of compassion and nurturing that is closely knitted with family.


The tiger is a symbol of courage and leadership that is best suited to be placed at the office desk, especially in the North sector. It is not recommended to be positioned at home because of the aggressive energy.


Turtle is well known to promote longevity and good health, place it in the East sector. For tortoises that depict carrying baby tortoises, it can enhance descendent luck too.

Always remember that balance is the key to invite good energy and create positive vibes in your working or living space. So don’t clutter or overload the space with the animal figurines, just bring in 1 or 2 ,

Just be using good judgement - the most important key to good Feng Shui is that you must love these animal figurines and have them not just be a casual purchase, but an attractive and complimentary object to your home.

When applying energy to your home externally and internally, it has a profound effect on your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Your immediate surroundings effect you in subtle ways and its important to make your home one of harmony, balance and visual appeal. By placing certain colors and objects to enhance your environment, it will assist with a natural energy flow and produce greater harmony and success in the areas of family, loving partner relationships, career work, fortune & prosperity, increasing knowledge with wisdom. 

It is also helpful to clear clutter and create space so that energy will flow and will improve the Chi of your home.

I like to use the compass direction of Feng Shui and also each individual room plan and then use the North for the door to the bedroom and decorate according the placement of the elements to balance each room.

Design your space to attract positive​ energy while raising the Chi to any place or room including your bathroom to add balance and increase auspicious energies.

I don't post​ pictures of bathrooms, as bathrooms have energies that are not as harmonious and must be neutralized so as not to cause an imbalance to the rest of the home.

Choose to express the best of what Feng Shui has to offer by contacting me for a free 5 minute consultation - between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.


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