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I've been aware that I've been called to do this work since I was 16. I am dedicated towards helping people become healthy and realize their wholeness.

This is my path, and as many ways that I can, I offer my experiences and life's work to give you tools to apply in your life so that you, too, can find your happiness.

We are all on a Sacred Journey. Each soul has come here to learn, and each of us are connected to~in the Grand Design - your health is a part of that Grand Design. Sometimes we are effected by vibratory, stress-related health concerns.

I offer some basic ways, as well as higher principles towards maintaining your healthy lifestyle.




M/Tu 10:30-6 Doylestown Location

by appointment only 



Please be on time for your appointment. There is a nonrefundable payment of $50 to secure your appointment.

So If you cannot keep your appointment due to conflict of schedule a 24 hour notice is required or you will be charged in full and payment will be due before next appointment this applies to Last minute/same day cancellations.

If you arrive late, I cannot adjust the time or extend your session, as there are other clients scheduled and their appointments must be honored and maintained on time.


If you are sick, or have a skin condition such as athletes foot or toe fungus, bodywork is not appropriate for contagious or infectious diseases. Please reschedule and wait until these conditions clear for your next appointment. I'd love to see you after you are better.


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