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Radio Guest|Speaker|Teacher|Articles|CEU's Community Service


Hey-Z Radio Network|Live with Belle Salisbury Radio Show|Guest Speaker Nancy Jean Walton on Live with Belle Salisbury, at HeyZ Radio Network podcast - here's the archive

Earth Angels Radio|Something for Men|Tasteful Beauties, Women over 40

*WDVR FM|Guest Speaker -'Holistic Health'


Libertae Halfway House| Bensalem, PA Residential Treatment Program for women in Recovery|'Taking Care of Yourself'

The Pennsylvania Convention Center| International Womans Show| 1994 'Stress Break' for Rejuvinations

Introducing 'StressLess™ Management' - incorporating meditation with guided imagery through visualization and breathwork

The Holy Redeemer Health Care System Counseling Ctr| Hunting Valley 'Intuition'

Highpoint Athletic Club| Chalfont, PA'StressLess™ guided meditation incorporating

visualization with relaxation


♥ Moon Haven Studio| Ringghold, GA

♥ Newtown Center Club| Newtown, PA

♥ 'Weekend of Pure Love' Retreat|Pathwork, Phoenicia, NY |Alan Cohen & Charley Thweatt - Staff member 'Bhakti'

"The Pathwork," at the Center for the Living Force is in Phoenicia, NY, located in the Catskill mountains - a retreat in which residents do private spiritual practice of meditation and self-purification work through personal process.

♥ Body Tech Fitness| Lambertville, NJ

♥ Pennsbury Racquet Club| Morrisville, PA

♥ Crossroads Expo | East Greenville, Pa


♥ Bucks County Community College Continuing Education|Foot Reflexology

♥ Bucks County Community College| Introduction to Macrobiotics| Donna Plummer teachers assistant

♥ Bradley Method Glenda Moyer birthing class|Germantown, PA Reflexology for couples

♥ Whole Foods, Jenkintown, PA

Healthy Alternatives- teaching| cooking -demonstrating the benefits of whole food eating & healthy cooking on-site from my collection of cook book recipes

♥ The Healing Dome, Sedona, AZ Relationship Coaching


♥Jerusalem Luthern Church Wellness Expo|Reflexology

♥ Susan Duval Seminars|Alan Cohen's 'Keep the Change with Karen Drucker donated my photographyskills to the event (see photos)

♥ JCC Spa Day for Women with Cancer (NY) hosted by Pamela Miles, RMT| Reiki

♥ Elkins Estates|Spring Inner Fling|Reiki

♥ Women’s Day of Indulgence and Joyful Sensations at the Deer Park Camp, New Hope, PA|Reiki & Reflexology

♥ Buckingham Friends Peace Fair|Reiki - annually since '04


♥ New Vitae Mental Health Ctr|Mentor I

Quakertown House|Young Adult Services

♥ Brookdale Senior Living|Alzheimer Dementia facility Resident Assistant

♥ Community Options|Robbinsville House

Resident Assistant - Reimplimented an independent living program to the physically challenged - engaging active participation of the residents in their own self-care in cleaning, cooking & laundry

♥ Second Breath|Point Pleasant PA - Residential Program

Serves children with significant mulitiple disabilities, respiratory and medical needs.

Pesonal care of children, dressing, feeding, and housecleaning.

♥ Heartland Hospice Plymouth Meeting, PA Hospice volunteer training course

Credentials|Continuing Education


Law of Attraction | Steve G. Jones and Mr. Fire, Dr. Joe Vitale

♥ Spiritual Coaching |Awakenings Institute-Become Your Own Spiritual Coach

TeleSeminar~Drs. Phillip & Jane Mountrose

♥ Igniting Transformation through Coaching | Richard Michaels @ NYOC

Core Principles, The Coaches Palette, Reflective Listening, Identifying Feelings, GROW Model-Goal Reality Options Will

♥ The Detour Method:Emotional Regression

John Lee Growing Yourself Back Up| NYOC

♥ Northampton Community College New Choices New Options Career Development | Career assessment Course Completion

SII evaluation~ between interest & career choices~ RIASEC CODE|Organizing the Job Search|Stress Management|Conflict Resolution~ Active Listening

♥ Seminar|Mastering the Job Search

Create your Resume~Career Objective Marketing Tools|Strategy~Negotiate your Worth

PR Dann Employment Agency|Resume Writer

♥ Mentor Training| New Vitae

Active listening, Basic Counseling, Trauma, Cultural Impact Awareness, Boundary Setting, Stress Mgmt., Management of Escalation|Safe Crisis Management, Disaster Training, Suicide Precautions,

Providing therapeutic support within the treatment plan, Progress Notes on Life Skill Assessment, DAP Incident Reports, Med Training for handing out controlled medicine, CPR/1st Aide, Fire Safety & Prevention

♥ The Foundation Year in Transformational Psychology| Martha Campbell @ New York Open Center (NYOC) transpersonal Jungian approaches including other progressive methods in human awareness

♥ Living In Love: Relationships That Work|Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Key Concepts, Conscious~Active Listening, Conscious Responding, Increasing Communication Through Conscious Language, Whole vs. Mixed Messages, Clearing Technique Level I: Anger & Blame, Level II: Hurt & Sadness, Level III: Fear & Insecurity, Level IV: Guilt, Level IV: Forgiveness, Understanding, Intention, Love

♥ Couples Learning Center|Ann McGee Study Group in Relationship skills: Communication, Contribution & Collaboration - finding balance, Partnerships

♥ One Brain: Tools of The Trade taught by Suvarna, (Florence Hannah) Kinesiology (EFT tapping of Meridian points) Cross Crawl * Brain Gym exercises

♥Bio Energy Healing& Spiritual Healing (CEU's) Bucks County Community College

♥ Polarity Therapy|Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health|Balancing Elements Chakras

Yoga exercises|Active Listening|Cranial Sacral||NLP

♥ Polarity I & Holding Space Method|Gary B Strauss, MS RPP (CEU's)

@ NYOC| Energetic movement - a yielding, receptive capacity that is the Feminine principle, balancing and harmonizing with the Masculine which can facilitate movement at a deep level, reaching emotional pockets

♥ Pearl Polarity Center Ardmore, PA Rhianna Pearl

♥ REIKI I & II|Rev. Beth Gray Reiki Master

♥ Reiki Master|Ruth Hohenberger

♥ Reiki Master & Teacher|2004

Circle Of Miracles|Hannalore Goodwin, RMT

♥ Foot Reflexology|1986

Skin Deep Unlimited|Bode Body Works

♥ Shiatsu Beginner's Weekend ISS

Ed Carlos & Dean Hutcherson|International School of Shiatsu

♥ Neuro-Linguistic Programming|NLP

Level I

~Jay Ketch/Wendi Rose

~Bob Burns (also Intro to Hypnosis)

~Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health

Polarity Therapy|NLP

~Integrative Hypnosis NLP & EFT

Melissa Tiers New York Open Center

Since 1978 through the pregnancy of my daughter I've practiced herbal remedies, using natural methods to promote a healthy pregnancy. Since that time I've continued taking courses in herbal studies:

New York Open Center

Scott Gerson, M.D. Ph.D. |Ayurveda

Letha Hadadday, D.Ac. |Chinese Medicine

Michael Tierra, O.M.D. |Western Herbs

I've practiced a Macrobiotic lifestyle before, during & after the birth of my son in 1989, and assisted other Macrobiotic cooks in Bucks County:

♥ Bucks County Community College 'Macrobiotics' Cooking Assistant to

Donna Plummer

♥ The Logan Inn New Hope, PA Cook|

Macrobiotic meals

♥ Whole Foods in Jenkintown, PA '01-'02

In-store Instructor - teaching & the benefits of whole food eating healthy cooking - cooking in front of a live audience demonstrating from my cook book collection of recipes (some are in the Whole Foods Cookbook)

"Standing on the bare ground--my head bathed in the blithe air and lifted into infinite space--all mean egotism vanishes. I become a transparent eyeball; ......I see all; the currents of the Universal Being circulate through me; I am part or particle of God." ~ Emerson ~

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