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 Health Coaching

A Health Coach is a wellness professional who educates, mentors and support clients to achieve their health goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments, motivating individuals to encourage positive health choices, and provide tools that will best fit the needs of their clients.

I can support you in creating a stress less lifestyle, creating motivation and guidance towards attaining your goals towards a fulfilling life.

I've supported people with one-on-one morning walks, Yoga instruction, cooking demos and and teaching side-by-side at home for healthy ways to add nutritional food to give you energy and optimum health, while designing an outlook on life that replaces negative thinking with more positive ways in which to look at life.

Choosing Whole Foods

The average person’s diet. It usually contains high amounts of processed foods, refined grains, sugar and fats. It is often difficult to avoid parties and other events that have such temptations - and a little nibble or two is challenging to avoid. But you don't want them as part of your everyday diet because we are learning that our health will suffer. Ingesting foods that provide little nutritional benefit can cause serious nutritional deficiencies, over the long haul and have immediate results.

By making small changes to your family's diet the transition will not only be more acceptable, their bodies will also be in harmony and not go through a too fast toxic foods cleansing.

Remember this it is never too late to start. It will be an amazing health & healing journey. You will begin to notice how quickly the poor health habits of your family will begin to disappear when good nutrition is established esp. when they begin to notice that they have more energy, mental clarity, and overall body strength with whole foods!

If you have found that my words have moved you to want to make the changes in your life that you desire, and you are ready to let go of the past, to heal your body - a healthy practice to incorporate into your life that will add a sense of balance, energy, stamina & centeredness includes a healthy eating habits:

Discover tasty whole grain dishes

savory vegetables

hearty bean recipes

These recipes were demonstrated at Whole Foods | Jenkintown in the late Fall of 2001


Food Categories:

Whole Grain / Organic Vegetables / Soups and Stew / Vegetable Proteins / Desserts


1987 Bucks County School of Macrobiotics, Langhorne, PA

Introduction to Macrobiotics

4/88 Geraldine Walker, Macrobiotic Cooking Instructor

6 week program on Macrobiotic cooking. Fundamentals of grains, vegetables, 

bean proteins (tofu, tempeh, natto) soups, stews, seitan and meal composition.

4/88 - 1990 Beth Scott, Macrobiotic Cook

ADDICTIONS~What is your relationship with FOOD? Do you eat when you are hungry? Do you eat healthy? Do you have a weight issue? Are you an emotional eater? We can address this and explore your eating habits - see if we can tweak your gastronomic indulgences to begin to create a sense of balance. 

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