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Law Of Attraction

“Cherish your visions and dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements" ~Napolean Hill

The Law Of Attraction isn't wishful thinking. It's not just positive thinking. Thinking alone will not give you what you want. There must be an accompanying energy~desire, a strong desire fueled from the heart; without a heart connection there's stasis. It takes patience & clarity in finding out what it is you want, what really matters, as well as what is for your highest good. It helps seeing the end result of a desired outcome; believe that it's already attained - and YOU have to set it in motion.

We walk around with our thoughts which emanate from us, which vibrates with a resonance. This transmits into energetic frequencies. I then stands to reason that if you are in a natural state of happiness and well-being you will then attract more of that to you and into your life - you would want to be around such radiant happiness! As you practice creating a more satisfying life this energy will more and more, shift a negative life perspective into a more positive and joyous one.  

In using this 'Law' We need to get clear on what it is we want to attract a job, apartment or location, car and then practice visualization every day and you will begin to vibrate to that idea. Timing plays an important part of this process. You must wait on the 'Will of Heaven' to align that which will lead you to your destiny.

I know it works, as it has worked for me on several occasions and not exactly the way I thought it would, but the power of positive thinking and emotional desire to have it happen is amazingly powerful.

"Thoughts become things" Transform your thoughts to create that which you seek and then practice this thinking everyday, Focus on what you want, what motivates you. Invoking the LOA which is fueled by heart~desire, THIS will begin to shift your energies to begin to attract that very thing.

Negative emotions easily undermine our positive intentions. Acknowledge them. Remember it's okay to feel your feelings - use them as tools of self discovery - they will help uncover the blocks of frustration and unhappiness to help you learn to love yourself more and this will assist in the process of inner peace.  

Just remember the brain is wired to give more attention to negative feelings that positive ones, as this once served us under a threat of survival in our primitive limbic system. You can rewire your thoughts by using meditation, prayer with positive, optimistic thinking. You will begin to rebuild your brain so that it will help you succeed in creative positive, meaningful relationships, as LOA is based on the principle of neural resonance. When we embody positive, uplifting thoughts, other people will begin to resonate to our positive energy. A genuine, kind, loving, peaceful, compassionate and generous demeanor will attract the same and similar in people who will be willing to help you reach your highest goals and dreams.

In love, I have learned that the process can take a little longer for any one of us to find what resonates within, to gain understanding about what Love is and is not and what a relationship is for you so that you attract through your clarity that vibration which allows for the other person to show up in our lives - then we must be willing to jump in.

While the world is moving faster it takes many things to direct us and connect us. It is easier finding the necessities of life and the accessories such as furniture, and appliances. - most of what is in my home has been furnished by my listening to go to where it was - of what I wanted and was looking for - I have been blessed by getting the very thing I was seeking to furnish my home, because each request came from my heart. 

Wealth is subjective, and for some people...being with people who love you, and you love - to them that cannot be measured in dollars and cents; that finding peace, joy and calm is the treasure. It becomes not about things, but about inner peace - all else will follow. This is also part of what' The Secret' reveals - you must do the inner work, happiness is an inside job, as money won't bring you happiness, it just makes living easier.

For those who want to make a difference by making the world a better place, start with the inner work, and while you are doing the inner work, go volunteer at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter, or find what is your passion and create a space of love within your heart to transform the world ♥  

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