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When emotions become a downward spiral & you feel caught up in them, gently start to bring yourself into your body by paying attention to your breath.

Notice the cool oxygen coming in, the warm air flowing out; and allow the diaphragm to move on its own without forcing it. Be aware of the lungs expanding and contracting with each breath,

as the stress and emotions start to gently release themselves & then start to notice the calm & evenness of your being. Then take three cleansing breaths to release the last of the stress and bring yourself into the room by focusing on specific colors of the primary color wheel

&/or objects that have significance in order to reorient you into the present moment.

When feeling off-center, visualize your body being pulled by the earth's gravity and think of yourself as a tree with your feet as roots to "ground' yourself. Focus also on your stomach area to find your center.

This will also bring about a sense of calm.

Meditation can ease the built-up pressure surrounding your given situation. Through breath, visualization and cognitive applications, you can ground yourself into present existence and facilitate better concentration through these life situations, applying these techniques while going through those moments in your life that present challenge.


How can we learn to activate our own self-healing? Is it possible for this healing capacity to work at our own command and directive? Can we take charge of our own health and manage our own stress on a daily basis, and even begin to prevent the likelihood of serious illness? YES!

Autogenic Therapy is a method of mental, meditative-type exercises, which bring about profound relaxation in mind and body. The word ‘autogenic’ means ‘self-generating’. First, this is facilitated by the client; autogenic exercises are applied by the self to the self. There is no ‘middle-man’ in the shape of a therapist except in the role of guide and support in the initial teaching of the method. Second, the result of practicing the exercises is entirely spontaneous and unpredictable: the system of rebalance knows exactly what is required and will bring it about if left alone to do so.

First, find a quiet place and the sit in a comfortable chair.Place your hands on your lap and uncross your legs.Allow yourself 15 minutes of shifting your active concentration from daily concerns and worries to passive concentration on the sensations in your own body. Your focus is on just letting go and relaxing. Notice your breath and allow it to rise and fall in a regular cycle rhythmic & calm. Each time you exhale, feel yourself letting go of all concerns. You feel the tension leave as the relaxation begins to take its place.When you find your thoughts are wandering, bring your attention back to your body - focus on the physical sensation of its warmth and weight.Now, slowly & deliberately, repeat the following words for yourself: 

My right arm is heavy; my right arm is heavy

My left arm is heavy; my left arm is heavy

My arms are heavy and warm; my arms are heavy & warm

My arms are heavy and warm; warmth is is flowing into my hands

My arms are heavy and warm; warmth is is flowing into my hands

My legs are heavy; my legs are heavy

My legs are heavy and warm; my legs are heavy and warm

My breathing is calm regular; my breathing is calm & regular

My body breathes me; my body breathes me

My breathing is calm & regular; I am at peace

My breathing is calm & regular; I am at peace

I am at peace; I am at peace.

StressLess Reduction Visualization 

Find a quiet place to sit and relax for ten minutes or indulge for half an hour.

Loosen any tight, restrictive clothing and sit comfortably in a chair, with your hands on your lap. Read this through & visualize. Now close your eyes.

Imagine you are taking a walk in the forest. The path leads you deep into the heart of the woods. You can smell the earth and feel the ground beneath you. You can hear birds calling as you walk deeper.

In the distance you can see a patch of light and you can hear water flowing there. You walk towards it. You come into an opening where light is shining strongest and ahead of you you see a cove where you find the waterfall. You take off your shoes and walk through the shallow end towards the rocks where the water is coming down off the high ledges.

You cautiously get closer to the stream of water and excitedly venture out into the middle of the waterfall and stand under it.

The water gently pounds on your head. Feel it as the water cascades down and knead your shoulders, running down your back - working the calves of your legs splashing onto the rocks at your feet.

Pounding gently at all parts of your body you are massaged into a blissful state of relaxation and mental release and you feel freedom.

Take yourself back now to the waters edge, put your shoes back on and walk towards the beginning where you started, to the room you are now in.

Slowly open your eyes.

Just a little taste of heaven!

Presented at Holistic Fairs throughout Bucks County &

International Womans Show 1994

as"Stress Break"forRejuvinations

at The Pennsylvania Convention Center

and also Shawnee at Highpoint|Chalfont

The Breath Awareness Center

Helping Calm Down Anxiety and Stress

It starts with knots in your stomach, then the clammy skin, or grinding of your teeth - all symptoms - your body is telling you you are under stress. Stress triggers the rush of adrenaline, the feeling of 'fight or flight'.

Some stress is helpful in giving you an edge - working against a deadline or having an exam - but it is when the anxiety is intense and prolonged that places you at risk, both physically and mentally.

How do you cope? First, lets distinguish between nervousness and an anxiety disorder.Butterflies in your stomach are common and normal when you ask someone out for a date or talk to your boss or start a new job.When you lose weight or change your sleeping habits, have shortness of breath, tremors or increased irritability or fatigue, then this is when it becomes more than just a simple case of nerves.

Below are some natural alternative resources that may help you to stabilize yourself.

Although safe and natural, I advise that you always check with your doctor to see if anything additional to your current medical regime might interfere with any medicines you are currently taking.

Calming with Homeopathic Compounds

Asa Foetida ~ relieves general stress

Avena sativa ~ treats nervous exhaustion

Cicuta Virosa ~ helps reduce anxiety

Gaultheria ~ treats gastritis

Hyocyamus ~ alleviates mania

Ignatia ~ relieves nervous tension

Staphysagria ~ relieves agitation

Sumbulus ~ helps reduce nervousness

Valeriana officinalis ~ treats restless sleep 

Remedies for Anxiety with Flower Essences

Agrimony ~ to help adjust to the emotional pain and agony

Aspen ~ for handling the unknown and for confidence

Cerato ~ to improved self-confidence

Chapparal ~ for regaining better understanding of self

Dandelion ~ for balanced energy with inner ease

Fairy Lantern ~ for helping maturity and responsibility

Five-Flower Formula ~ to help overcome acute stress

Heather ~ for emotional self-sufficiency

Indian Pink ~ for remaining centered and focused

Mimulus ~ to help handle fears of known things

Penstemon ~ for overcoming feeling sorry for oneself

Star of Bethlehem ~ for emotional healing

Sage ~ for drawing wisdom from life's experiences

Self-Heal ~ for becoming less dependent and more independent.

Walnut ~ to help handle transitional periods

White Chestnut ~ for inner quiet and calm 

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