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The heart is the key to all

Energy Medicine 

Flow, balance and harmony can be restored and maintained within non-invasive pathways by connecting specific energy points to address physical illness, emotional or mental issues to help promote wellness - this is the practice of Energy Medicine. 

All living organisms possess an élan vital or vital force that gives them life. These energies are the key to health, vitality and well-being. You heal by activating and restoring energies that have become disturbed or out of balance incorporating Energy Psychology.

With a balanced Energy system you can be physically healthy and have better mental clarity, while feeling confident and uplifted emotionally.

Your body is better able to fight off infection and heal in a more natural state.

All healing methods share vital common elements; without these elements, there is usually little result:

  • Love: A love of our fellow human.
  • Compassion: A genuine compassion for the recipient.
  • Desire: A mind-directed desire to ease suffering.
  • Intent: The intent to render help to our fellow human being

A mind-directed desire to ease the suffering of our fellow human with compassion, love, and a positive intent is the key to all energy healing. Health is viewed as a reflection of your environment and your mental/emotional and spiritual condition of and within the energy field, and these therapeutic methods are designed for balancing all aspects of your life for healthy living.

Energy Medicine also enhances digestion, relieve arthritis, neck, shoulder and back pain and help you cope with environmental electromagnetic pollution disturbances to restore balance from within and around the energy field. Energy Medicine complements other approaches to medical care and other alternative healing methods such as acupuncture, yoga, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, Reflexology, kinesiology, and Qi Gong are some examples that practice this model of healing.

These therapeutic methods are designed for BALANCING all aspects of your life towards a more fulfilling life. All of Holistic alternatives consider the whole person, is a Body~Mind centered approach, integrating the connection of mind, body and spirit; looking at lifestyle, family, work & diet and how a person interacts with their environment in order to find the cause and inter-connectedness for personal growth & awareness to bring about a positive outcome - that being a high level of functioning at the very best level possible, with the goal of creating balance & harmony with nature to bring your heart, mind & spirit back to a place of homeostasis.

One of the ways in which to heal is to allow yourself to feel. You must move through the path of grief, anger and other emotions & let go to get to Forgiveness - the way to Inner Peace. With practice you will transition from each feeling more quickly if you allow all of your emotions, then you'll find yourself moving through this process with more ease. Holding onto them will cause stress, create physical symptoms and psychological effects that will keep you from truly living.

Our bodies are very intelligent and sensitive & lives out every emotional experience. When the body/mind is out of balance - where the moment is halted from being fully experienced, it cannot move through the feelings and lodges in the body - which can be reflected in the immune system where we become susceptible to illness.

As we think, so shall we become. As we have become, we need to stop and see how we have been thinking. By listening to what your body is trying to tell you, together we can address the cause and then have a better understanding to begin to deal with the effects of the situation and have the tools to change the outcome.

 Life-force energies are introduced into the body in many forms: by food, light, color, radiation, electromagnetism, air, UEF, and vibrations. These nourishing energies enter by a variety of pathways.

  • Energies from the Universal Energy Field (UEF) are primarily induced through the human energy field (the aura) and through their interconnecting chakras (each chakra regulates the glands, nervous systems, blood vessels, and organs within its zone of influence).
  • Energy is also extracted from food ingested through the stomach. This is a vital additional consideration, as modern foods do not supply enough of the essential vitamins and minerals the body requires. Careful questioning during consultation should reveal these deficiencies.
  • Light and color are absorbed by the skin and through the eyes. Light through the eyes feeds energy to the brain’s cerebral cortex as well as the pituitary and pineal glands. Light energy directed by the pituitary affects and controls the entire endocrine glandular system that controls the production and release of hormones. This regulates body chemistry and its growth, all organs of the body (including the brain), and the autonomic nervous system throughout the body. Some light and color is also directed via the retina through neurochemical channels to the pineal gland, situated behind the hypothalamus, to activate certain sensors in the brain connected with our sense of seasons, location, and spiritual awareness.
  • Electromagnetic energy and radiation are absorbed via the skin and the human energy field (HEF).
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