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Manifesting with LOA

I was truly in love with David and I knew he liked Sade and Bob Dylan. So I prayed to God and the Angels that if there was a way to have it happen for me to meet either one and for them to dedicate a song that would prove the integrity of my love.

It wasn't too long before it happened. I was in New York in the Fall of 2003 around Spring Street in SoHo and on the opposite side of the street, there he was,

Bob Dylan. I recognized him immediately and started to cross the street and stated that I wasn't a crazed fan I just wanted to talk to him.

I told him about my heartbreak around David breaking up with me and that I would not ask for his autograph but instead ask a song dedicated to us both.

Bob said he'd been struggling with the name of the Album he was putting together and that he knew now what to call it. He was going to call it "Lovesick". I protested no, oh no that cant be. He said he made up his mind and that's that. I was in shock, frustrated and horrified that he would call it that for my proving of this love story. I found out later that Dylan had already made a song called Lovesick, but still. I was upset that there was no dedication that would give proof of having met him or even that he called it Lovesick as a result of my story. He asked me not to speak of it until the album came out in 2004. So I kept quiet until after.

~~ I have always wanted to meet Barbra Streisand and maybe one day I will. I know that I've come very close to it by this following story -

I was again in New York around 75th street or 72nd... I cannot remember exactly. After taking a class at the New York Open Center, a few of us went out to lunch.

I had ordered a soup and salad. I was noticing a group of people watching me from another table and was wondering what were they looking at. Well it wasn't long before one of them came over to my table and told me that they wanted to use my way of eating my salad for a movie that they were sent out to get more material for. (A kid with long wavy dark hair)

(the cutting on the diagonal, then removing the unwanted pieces and ordering a side of extra dressing to glop on is my style). And the loading of the fork - all the vegetables on the one fork and savoring the bursting of flavors in my mouth.

I was asked why I wasn't wearing any makeup and I said, "Why, I'd still be me, only in color".

If you haven't figured out the movie yet, it's

has two Faces"

I wanted special mention, but they said they couldn't promise that and almost walked away and wasn't going to use it. I also asked to meet Barbra and they said they couldn't do that.

The kid was the one next to Bridges in the upper seating area)

I love Law of Attraction!!!

Part of the lessons in life come along with our desires so that way must go through certain experiences that help us learn what is important (some of these experiences are karmic, some are carried over from our unconscious connection with the history of family patterns), awakening your subconscious mind will help you clear the way to attract that which best serves your highest aspirations which is that of your Spirit.

I've even manifested for friends! Diana wanted a certain type of rug, and I used my Intuition and Law of Attraction vibration to locate what she wanted. We hopped into my car and at the very first store we stopped in, she found the one.

Back in 2002, David wanted a very inexpensive fireplace screen and so I just requested from the Universe that it be fulfilled - I wasn't sure how, but I felt sure that it would soon show up. One afternoon I driving a few blocks from my place, I almost didn't believe my eyes because this was so quickly answered - yet, there it was along with the accessories! David was totally amazed, but I was confident that the Universe would fulfill this request because it came from a place of genuine desire from my heart to 'gift' him. I do believe this is what began his LOA journey.

Imagine, though, shopping using visualization your intuition with LOA. I'm environmentally conscious and a firm believer in re-purposing, so imagine getting everything you wanted without sales flyers or a catalogue by using your Higher Mind!

I know these are 'things'. It's not unreasonable to surround yourself with what makes a house a home, in comfortable attractive surroundings that bring about a pleasant living environment. It is only when you become obsessed with owning things more than enjoying life that it becomes askew.

If you want to attain financial success, let's focus on what moves you motivates you and ignites an inner drive and passion for life.

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